Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have always fond of music since I was small. My dad was practically my biggest influence because of his passion in music especially playing musical instrument. I watch him play guitar almost everyday without avail. I loves to play the musical instrument as well especially piano. I gain the interest while watching one children play it so beautifully in the televisyen. I ,too, wish to have the capibility to play like one and does enroll myself to piano class. I did not finish the class  however due to my lack of perseverance but I still manage to read the notes, it is one thing that I regretted until now. To improvise myself, I bought piano sheet books and practise at home but most of the time I download it from the internet. One can download it from free sheet music! It as easy as that, you can practise your bethoveen by one click and hope to play like bethoveen one day. Finger cross!


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